2018 AP BluffGammon Invitational

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November 7, 2017
Sunny South Florida Backgammon Championship
December 16, 2017
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2018 AP BluffGammon Invitational

Don’t miss the inaugural 2018 AP BluffGammon Invitational event on Sunday May 13 with $1000 added money from sponsor Alan Pruce. Best 2-of-3 DMP matches.  $250 entry with 85% return. Maximum of 16 entrants.

Here’s the idea: Player A shakes his cup and “rolls” in a way that the dice stay under the cup, hidden from the opponent. Player A then peeks at the dice and announces “his roll”. He is entitled to lie about his roll. If player B believes that A has actually rolled what he announced, then player A gets to play that roll. If B doesn’t believe A, then A lifts his cup, revealing his roll. If A was lying, then B gets to call the number A must play. If A wasn’t lying when B “called” him, then A can choose any number
to play. This type of gammon is a bit poker like because a lot of bluffing is going on. Also it teaches you to quickly learn which are your best numbers.

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